Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If Ehrlich keeps running his damn mouth, he might end up getting a lung blown out

(I feel your pain at not being able to see my sexy self...WBAL Radio sucks)

Beep Beep! Everybody jump aboard the O'Malley/Obama train...

While Ehrlich is heating up the hatorade, I'll be cooking up da Kool-Aid for my followers. Im bringing hope and change to Maryland. Like my campaign manager says, Maryland is better off than it was 4yrs ago :)

The Repbs like to hate on me and say that my policies only lead to failure, but I believe that they will work...and that's all that matters.

Today was a great day, just like yesterday. Coz Everyone's attention was where it belonged ON SEXY ME

Even Ehrlich radio showed up to talk to my fans. One even said that I am going to be president someday.

Damn right I'm headed straight for da top. As I tweeted previously:
Repbs need 2 stop looking at Massachusetts. MD race = American Idol. While Ehrlich is getting his angry DJ act on, I'll be getting my fly on
8:04 PM Jan 21st via web
Because I am still the governor. My concerts sell out. Obama returns my texts. And I am clearly the hottest politician around.
8:05 PM Jan 21st via web
I knew I was destined for the governorship ever since my days on the council. Maryland can't hold me, I've got too much ambition.
8:10 PM Jan 21st via web
The next JFK? Chillin in the Senate? Irish ambassador 4 life? Either way, I'm going to make it while Ehrlich is stuck sipping his hatorade
8:12 PM Jan 21st via web
So Repbs (& @justdafacts, @baltimoresun & all the @mddems who keep at it) need to stop trying to make Ehrlich happen. End of discussion.
8:13 PM Jan 21st via web

And best of all Ehrlich had enough goddamn sense to keep his mouth shut. He told the press would not be available for comment. LOL looks like da "threats" are working.

Some of U might have been wondering why O'Malley hasn't been writing his lyrical poetry since he became governor. After all I didn't give up the partying, playing music, being fly or any of the other good stuff after I got into office.

Well, my band didn't like the new lyrics I had written about Ehrlich. They said they weren't a gansta rap group and they were gonna stop playing with me if I continued in that direction. That's why my last joint was all covers. O'Malley's been a good boy....

Some of U might also have been wondering why my peoples are going after Ehrlich's radio show after my number 1 fan said I wouldn't....

To all the people who say that the Wire was make all have obviously never been to Baltimore. *smh* And People wonder why we have a crime problem. Well, it's because fools keep trippin and runnin their mouths. Some even have their own radio shows where they get paid to spread their hate all over the state.

One day, I was just chillin in da back of my car being chauffeured when what do I hear but two haters talkin their shit about me on WBAL radio. I immediately ordered my driver to step on the gas and head to WBAL studio, so I could settle this mess. Just because I was mayor of Baltimore did not mean that I couldn't roll on up and kick their asses. And just because I'm governor of Maryland does not mean I still can't kick Ehrlich's ass, cause if I have to wake up early on a Saturday morning to head down to WBAL studios to stop his nonsense, then I'm most def bringing an ass kicking with me.

Recently Ehrlich called me up and said something like: "Been hearing haters say that Ehrlich fell off, that he lost the last election, that he couldn't win a in Dem state without KKT (Me: Yeah, I know U suck. Get to the point) Well, I just wanted to let ya know that I have over 20,000 facebook friends, while you only have 8,000. I saw you were organizing some campaign kick-off events and if you needed help, I could loan you some supporters."


Ok, first off we have unions to get da rooms packed.

Second, I got so pissed off and emotional over that shit that even before the phone hit the ground, I had four staff members holding me down. I kept telling Rick to make them let me go. I told him I didn't care. I just needed to get Ehrlich. Just let me grab my muscle shirt so I can get to the ass kicking part. I didn't even care if Kendel grabbed one of his golf clubs and came out swinging like Tiger Woods' wife. I just needed to get my revenge. U better believe this is a grudge match for me.

After I calmed down, Rick told me not to worry, since we have the Democratic party to go after Ehrlich.

"Yeah, but he doesn't have to give up his show till he registers in July, if he keeps runnin his mouth, he's going to make me lose my cool and force me to go all out on him before then"

"Don't worry," Rick said, "we can make him give up the show before then...."



Anonymous said...

O'Malley didn't take it well. "On that note, that probably is a good way to exit," he said. "And gentlemen, if you enjoyed that, come outside after the show, and I'll kick your ass."

you were so hardcore back then. it's a shame your handlers won't let you go all out anymore.

Fake Gov O'Malley said...

I finally got the chance to jump Ehrlich today. I went to WBAL studios and waited outside for two damn hours only 2 learn that Ehrlich is in Ocean City for da maryland Repb convention....Grr