Sunday, April 4, 2010

Surrounded once again by stupid people

Why the hell am I surrounded by stupid people???!!!!

Why have we been running ads and doing polls that tell people that Ehrlich is a lobbyist, only to have dumbass Travis Tazelaar tell the Baltimore Sun that we have no evidence that Ehrlich has been lobbying?

What's next? Are you guys going to finally admit that justdafacts takes orders from me? Or that I'm going to hike everyone's taxes if I get re-elected?

And what the hell is up with the Baltimore Sun lady reporter writing: "But there's a flaw in the Democrats' argument. Ehrlich is not exactly a lobbyist."

Then she has to write, "In Annapolis, the highest-paid lobbyists-those with the most access to lawmakers and whose voices are heard far more than average citizens-are Democrats."

I need a drink. I'm done for now.

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