Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ehrlich Was a Lobbyist Governor

To all the haters who said O'Malley couldn't prove that Ehrlich was a lobbyist just got served. We have uncovered evidence that he was a lobbyist governor.

We played six degrees of separation and one of Ehrlich's employees had a friend who later did some shit. But before that when everything was all good, Ehrlich threw a Hanukkah party and that mutual friend waz there.

Tazelaar got a hold of da pix and highlighted the illegal activities in it. Then he sent it to the press. Of course, Ehrlich thinks it's some big joke.

Ehrlich burst into laughter. "It's too goofy," Ehrlich said of the Democrats promotion. "When you are unable to sell or market your candidate, you start this stuff early."

But what about his ties to Abramoff? There are none, Ehrlich said, still laughing, "or they would have found it last time."


(picture brought to u by da Maryland Democratic Party)

Why would he hold a Hanukkah party and take pictures with the guests if he wasn't a lobbyist? That obviously shows Ehrlich's shady character. You can actually see the lobbying in the picture.


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koreyk said...

Come on let's be serious. Ehrlich taking a picture with someone doesn't prove he is a lobbyist. Doesn't look good though.